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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Welcome to…the Flying Panda Blog! Now, you might be wondering what kind of internet blackhole you’ve gotten yourself into and how you’ve ended up here. Well, Pen and Panda, otherwise known as your second favorite internet rabbit hole (the deepest, darkest parts of YouTube will always reign supreme), is a blog that will act as headquarters for anything and everything Flying Panda. New flavor releases? We’ve got those. Information on our awesome animal-saving partners? No doubt. Tasty cocktails that will make your taste buds tingle? Absolutely. Embarrassing pictures of our CEO? You could put money on it, but it would probably be better spent on a can of Flying Panda Cherry Limeade to be completely honest.

Pen and Panda is the best place for you to discover all the juicy details regarding Flying Panda! We’ll be sharing everything from new music we like, to giving tips on how to live a more responsible, sustainable lifestyle, and everything in between. The blog will serve as an extension of our company, personality, and mission to better engage with our beloved community (aka: you).

So, get excited to learn all about the wacky people, fun events, tasty cocktails, and impactful animal conservationists that make up the Flying Panda Family. We can’t wait to share more content and news with you in the future, so stay tuned into the (Flying) Panda-monium.

Michelle Porter - our CEO/Founder

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